Building Green Matters

As Green Builders, We Know Building Green Matters

Why building green matters

The built environment has a vast impact on the natural environment, human health, and the economy. We are Master Certified Green Professionals, which means we are able to implement green building strategies which can maximize both economic (energy-efficiency) and environmental (sustainability and health) performance. As custom home builders, we feel a duty to not only build beautiful, functional and efficient homes, but to keep our environment pristine and pollution-free. By recycling and utlizing healthier building materials, we are working towards cleaner homes, better indoor air quality and depositing less toxic construction waste in our landfills. Durango is a special place and we are happy to do our small part to preserve its health and beauty for future generations.

How do green builders and traditional builders differ?

Traditional builders place much less emphasis on sustainability and other environmental issues when selecting materials than do green builders. A green builder will:

▪ choose building materials made from recycled materials or derived from renewable raw materials
▪ consider the energy efficiency, recyclability, and length of service life of the materials
▪ when possible, use materials produced locally
▪ offer options for healthier building materials to improve indoor air quality


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