Remodels: Green & Eco-Friendly

Remodeling Contractors Offering Green & Healthier Materials Options

From bathroom or kitchen remodels to major additions and renovations, JTC can handle any size remodel project. No project is too small or too big.

Home remodeling can often times be very disruptive to your lifestyle if you are living in the space being renovated. JTC makes every effort to ensure that the impact to your lifestyle is minimized during the construction process. We are able to tailor our construction process around your individual needs. Often times this means phasing or concentrating our efforts to one area of the house so the rest remains livable throughout the process.

If you are thinking about remodeling and would like to update or expand your current house, please call us for a consultation. There are many contractors to choose from in Durango but we are the only home remodelers offering green and healthier building materials options. We can turn your current house into a space that you will feel good about and will love forever.

Commercial Remodeling

We also do commercial remodeling. We have remodeled a shopping center, built a retirement home, converted a hotel into condominiums and done many interior renovations on commercial spaces. If you have a need for a commercial remodel, give us a call.